The Richter Scale

by Jake Richter

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The Richter Scale® is the trade name for Jake Richter's columns about technology, entrepreneurialism, diving, the Internet, and any number of other topics. Jake's columns appeared regularly in Dive Report and The Peddie Report (a weekly newsletter dealing with the digital media technology), and his byline can be seen in magazines like Desktop Engineering, ComputerLife, CADalyst, PC Magazine, and HomePC, among others, and are presented here as linkable content for Blogs, eZines, and Web sites which discuss relevant topics.

For the uninitiated, the Richter scale is used to measure the magnitude of seismic disturbances (earthquakes). Also, the word Richter means Judge in German, adding a double meaning to the title of these written columns - many of which review and rate various products and services. In such reviews, The Richter Scale ranks from 1 (a real dud and disappointment) to 10 (an earth shattering experience).

Articles on the following general topics are available for reading:

Most Richter Scale and Garage Entrepreneur columns are available for reprinting or republishing. Contact Jake Richter for further information.

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